From the President: Norm Haley

Hello again everyone!

I know that for many of you field season has in full swing, classes are starting back, and that phones have ringing off the hook. The AFA board has also been working hard at planning the upcoming 32nd Annual Meeting. After having been well received last year, we will again come together in a 2-day format. AFA will be hosting its 2016 annual meeting at one of the premier private properties for outdoor recreation in the state, Cahaba Outfitters. This is the first time that AFA has hosted its annual meeting outside of a state park, university, or commercial hotel that I am aware of. AFA not only decided to go with Cahaba Valley Outfitters for our 2016 meeting because of the open arms of its operator/owner and AFA member Wes Webster, but also to provide a new, unique experience for the membership at a property that actually manages some of the water resources that are at the core of AFA’s establishment. These resources will also allow for on-site demonstrations of the techniques and equipment that will be discussed throughout the meeting and in the aquatic plant workshop that will again be part of this year’s program.

Although, the primary challenge of such a venue will be off-site lodging and transportation to and from the meeting events, we are working towards securing blocks of rooms at nearby hotels to help the membership save on lodging costs and also looking at providing a shuttle service to and from the primary hotel to Cahaba Valley Outfitters.

As plans are finalized and deadlines are set, updates will be made to our website: And, speaking of the website, the AFA Cyberspace chair remains vacant as we continue to search for a AFA NEWS Newsletter of the Alabama Fisheries Association August 2015 AFA News August, 2015 2 volunteer to manage the website. If you, or anyone you know, are relatively savvy with WordPress and may be willing to take the lead on updating and improving the website, please contact any of the board members for details on the vacant Cyberspace chair.

With the planning process well under way, we are looking forward to a great meeting at a great location. As always, please spread the word about AFA and the annual meeting to potential attendees, presenters, and scholarship and award applicants. Also, please consider presenting some of your own current or past research or even upcoming projects at this year’s meeting. We all want to know what aquatic work has been done, is being done, or is going to be done!

Take care and keep cool!

From the President-Elect: M. Kyle Moon

The summer is beginning to wrap up,everyone is back in school, parents are back to the grind, summer trips are winding down, fisheries professionals are starting to work on their odd and end jobs to prep for winter, and our company is starting to get into shocking weather again. We love the summer, but the heat has gotten to us and we're ready for a break. Hopefully everyone can schedule time for the upcoming 2016 AFA conference.

If there's one thing that I can promise you about the meeting that I am putting together, it is that it will be like no other. Forget the monotony and predictability of past meetings, forget the "usual" protocol, we're gonna pull out all the stops. There's a lake on this private property so I'm planning to do some outdoor activities for all in attendance, demos on our new shock boat and a competitors/friends shock boat as well. For even more fun, I'm planning a catered bonfire banquet (with outdoor heaters) including a winter (keg) beer selection from an Auburn based microbrewery. The meeting will take place at a hunting lodge in the middle of nowhere which will subsequently be in Helena, AL., close enough to Birmingham to be centrally located. I'm lining up some BIG sponsors that will help tremendously with the meeting flow. Just wait; this meeting will truly be like no other and off the beaten path. It's worth your valuable time and money to attend!

From the Treasurer: PJ Waters

Howdy All! I hope everyone’s summer is going well. Following our meeting, AFA remains in good standing with balances are as follows: Checking Account $9,388.99; Savings $3005.42; and CD $10,625.08. This brings the association’s total monetary assets to $23,019.49. We are grateful to the membership, sustaining and corporate members, for their continued support of the association. Have a good remainder of the summer, and we will see everyone soon. PJ Waters

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