2018 AFA Annual Meeting – Electrofishing (8 Hour Course)


This option will allow you to register for the only one day of the AFA annual meeting. This includes attending the sessions and breaks only. The banquet must be purchased separately.

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For those of us who took the electrofishing course in 2011 at Lake Eufaula, Mr. Alan Temple or one of his associates has agreed to come down from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Training Center and give us an 8 hour “refresher course” on the principles and techniques of electrofishing. For the biologists and pond managers who have not had any formal training in the principles and techniques of electrofishing, I highly recommend this 8 hour course. Albeit, Alan will not be able to cover everything in 8 hours, it will give you some idea on how to be more efficient and effective with your gear on the water.

A one day $50 registration fee will be applied if you do not or cannot attend the entire meeting and you only want to register for the EF class. In order to participate there will be REQUIRED pre-registration for the course.

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